Stylus functionality (IFP52)

Your IFP52 comes with two ViewSonic Pens (model may vary). With these styluses, interact with certain apps on your ViewBoard, such as myViewBoard Whiteboard, with more precision and control.

Find out key pen stylus functionality in this article.

Basic functionality and specs

No matter which model of ViewSonic Pen you have along with your ViewBoard, pen stylus models may come with the following specs and functionality:

  • Stylus ends: Both sides can be used to interact with the board, with special functionality differences in myViewBoard Whiteboard.
    • Thin tip: 3mm or 4mm thin tip.
    • Thick tip: 7mm or 9mm thick tip.
  • Annotation: Write on the board when using the side toolbar's pen tool or when using myViewBoard Whiteboard. (See below.)
  • Touch: Either side of the pen can be used for touch interactions on the ViewBoard, such as opening apps and other typical touch interactions.
  • Spare nibs: Find spare nibs packaged with the pen.
  • Magnetic strip: The flat side of the pen can attach to the front of your ViewBoard for storage.


In addition, some pen models (VB-PEN-004 and VB-PEN-007) may feature or come with the following:

  • Extra button functionality: Some pen stylus models feature extra buttons with special functionality. These may include:
    • Navigating to previous and next pages.
    • Displaying a spotlight on the screen.
  • Eraser end: Instead of a thick tip, some pens feature a flatter end that erases strokes.
  • VB-PEN-004: This model of pen also comes with a charging case, which hold your pen styluses and connect to your ViewBoard via USB.




If you previously acquired a ViewSonic pen stylus with a different ViewBoard model, basic thin tip and thick tip functionality will still be supported on IFP52 models.

Convenient storage

On the front bezel next to each front port section, two magnetic strips (identifiable by an outline) are available for safe pen stylus storage.Two VB-PEN-002 styluses placed on the front of an IFP52.


VB-PEN-004 USER NOTE: The charging case that comes with this model of pen stylus can be mounted on the display. Place your pen stylus in the case for storage and charging.

Pen tool in the side toolbar

In the side toolbar, find the pen tool , which allows you to annotate on any screen while using your ViewBoard. Though ViewSonic Pen stylus isn't required to use this pen tool, it provides a more intuitive and precise experience.

myViewBoard Whiteboard

In myViewBoard Whiteboard, make use of thin and thick tip functionality to quickly switch between pen and other Whiteboard tools.

To learn more, view our breakdown of stylus support in myViewBoard Whiteboard.

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