Input source settings (IFP52)

Edit input source settings.

Input source settings menu.

Label input source

Change the display label of each input source to make it easier to identify and select your preferred input sources.

Label input source settings menu.

Source settings

Set various settings relating to what happens when input sources are detected.

Source settings menu.



Wake up by active HDMI input When the display is in sleep mode, it will turn on automatically after plugging in an HDMI cable.
Auto search signal When enabled, if the current source has no signal, the ViewBoard will automatically search for an input source.
Auto switch input ports When enabled, the current input source will automatically switch to a new input source after a signal is detected for that new source.
Energy saving Set a time duration after which the ViewBoard will turn off if no signal is detected.
HDMI CEC Enable/disable HDMI CEC functions.

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