App settings (IFP52)

Manage installed apps by force stopping, uninstalling, clearing data, and more.

App settings menu.


NOTE: Pre-installed apps can't be uninstalled.


NOTE: Not all apps support the Clear default option.

When accessing the App view, you will be able to view all running or installed applications. Tap on an app for a more detailed view with options for that app.

In the Running tab, view all running applications.

Press a running app to view the different services and processes running for the application and have the option to stop any of them.

App settings with running apps list.Running app info view.

In the All tab, view all installed applications on your ViewBoard.

Toggle apps OFF/ON to make the apps hidden (OFF) or available (ON) on the home screen.

Press an app to view more info about the app and its data on your ViewBoard. Have the following app options: force stop, clear data, clear cache, and clear default (default action on booting up your ViewBoard).

App settings with all apps installed list.App info

The Download tab offers the same options as the All tab, but the listed apps are only those that can be deleted.

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