Pre-installed applications (IFP52)

Your IFP52 comes pre-installed with certain software for enhancing the classroom. These apps can't be deleted, but they can be hidden.

 myViewBoard Whiteboard

Access a fully featured digital whiteboarding app on your ViewBoard. myViewBoard Whiteboard offers essential whiteboarding tools like pens, erasers, shapes, math tools, and more, as well as interactive and multimedia tools for all your lesson delivery needs.

Overview of myViewBoard Whiteboard's canvas and its tools.

To get started with Whiteboard, we recommend your myViewBoard account is ready so you can sign in to take advantage of myViewBoard Entity benefits.

Learn about Whiteboard's working area, all of its features, and more in our myViewBoard Whiteboard guide.


 myViewBoard Manager

myViewBoard Manager provides a way to manage your ViewSonic devices from a web console. Pair your ViewBoard with Manager to allow IT admin to remotely manage your ViewBoard.

By doing so, you'll be able to power off, adjust volume, add Wi-Fi, update firmware, broadcast messages, and more! With Manager Advanced, do even more, like broadcasting multimedia, scheduling automated jobs, and pre-configuring device profiles.

Learn the basics of Manager and then how to pair your ViewBoard with your entity's Manager.

 myViewBoard Display

For a convenient way to begin sharing a desktop device screen to your ViewBoard, use myViewBoard Display. All you need is an internet connection and browser on your casting device!

Sending screen on a desktop device.Receiving screen on a ViewBoard.

Learn how to set casting up in our myViewBoard Display guide.


Another casting solution on your ViewBoard is vCast. Supporting both mobile and desktop devices, you'll need all devices to be on the same network, and then, you'll simply have to follow some on-screen instructions from within the app.

vCast landing screen with instructions.

Get the breakdown for different scenarios when setting up and using vCast.

 myViewBoard Record

Your ViewBoard comes with myViewBoard Record for recording all on-screen activity so you can later save it and share it with your class.

Learn more in our myViewBoard Record article.

 myViewBoard Live

Your ViewBoard also comes with myViewBoard Live for live streaming all on-screen activity to an audience.

Learn more in our myViewBoard Live article.

Other apps


Clear unnecessary data and unwanted files with vSweeper.

vSweeper landing screen.

Advanced settings can also be customized to suit your needs.

Advanced Settings in vSweeper.


With ScreenLock, enable a password requirement after the ScreenLock app is opened.

To set a password, it can be set in the app itself or in ViewBoard's settings.

  1. Go to: Settings > Protection > Password for screen lock or open the ScreenLock app in the apps list.
  2. Select Set Password and input a new four (4) digit password.
  3. After inputting, press OK.
  4. Now, when opening the ScreenLock app, the screen will lock and require the previously set password.

NOTE: If you've forgotten the password, you can always use the remote control and press -0-2-1-4 to clear the previous password.

Embedded browser & Chromium

Use standard browsers to navigate the web and your favorite educational websites.

Chromium after first launching the browser.

Save your most-visited websites as bookmarks by pressing the star button  when you visit the site's home page.


For teachers who would like to view Microsoft Office and other file types, OfficeSuite provides a lightweight solution. Open DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, and more file types.

Additionally, create and save your own files for later use.

OfficeSuite landing screen.


Navigate device folders to locate and organize your desired files.

Folders app.

File type menu

Find the following default folders:



Whiteboard myViewBoard Whiteboard files.
Documents Document, presentation, and spreadsheet files.
Images Image files (such as screenshots).
Videos Video files.
Audio Audio files.
Archives Compressed files.
APK APK files.

File navigation overview

To move, copy, or delete files (with more options available), you must first press the Select button. Then, the following options will be available:

myViewBoard Knowledge Base

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