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March 2023

Discover the latest updates to myViewBoard Manager, Whiteboard and myviewboard.com in March 2023!

Spring is upon us, the second half of the school year is in full swing, and myViewBoard is here with updates for myViewBoard Manager, myViewBoard Whiteboard, and myviewboard.com. Read on to see what's new in March 2023 in myViewBoard!

Manager broadcasting updates and more

We have numerous Manager updates for Advanced licensed devices, but first, we want to share a bit of new about our Advanced free trial.

Advanced free trial activation with the click of a mouse!

We previously made it easier to request free trial and Advanced licenses from directly within Manager console. Now, for entities who have not tried Manager Advanced, we've made the free trial sign-up process even easier.

The steps are much the same as in the existing Advanced license request process, but now, once you hit Get Free Trial, you can immediately activate your free trial through the Entity Management console.

The console will load the Subscriptions page, and then simply press Confirm to begin the activation process. Simply wait about 15 minutes, and then you should have access to amazing Advanced features back on the Manager console!

Subscriptions page in the Entity Management console after user presses Get Free Trial in Manager console. Free trial details are outlined in the prompt.

Manager Advanced updates

PowerPoint broadcasting improvement

Let's start with an update to PowerPoint broadcasting. We hope you've enjoyed being able to convert PPTX files into playlists for broadcasting, and this month, we've made the process more seamless.

First, you'll notice there is now a Presentation File option in the broadcasting layout window:

Presentation File option highlighted in Broadcast window (Advanced license user only).

After pressing the Presentation File button, you'll notice you have two options: a PowerPoint Files tab and an Upload Local Files tab.

  • PowerPoint Files:
    • Use this tab if you have previously uploaded a PPTX file into the Files but have not yet converted the file into a playlist.
    • By selecting a PPTX file with this option, the file's slides will be converted into a playlist.
    • The newly created playlist will then automatically broadcast without the need for you to initiate the broadcast through playlist broadcasting.
  • Upload Local Files:
    • Use this tab if you have not yet uploaded a PPTX file to Manager.
    • By uploading a PPTX file with this option, upload your PPTX file to Manager and convert it into a playlist all at once!
    • As with the PowerPoint Files option, the newly created playlist will automatically broadcast once the conversion process is complete.


Since this new feature involves uploading a PPTX file and converting the file's slides, the time from initiating this process to the start of the broadcast may take several minutes.

The timing will depend not only on the size of the PPTX file but also the specific contents of the file. For example, if a slide contains video or animation files, expect slower broadcast start times.

Your specific network speed will also be a factor. 

We hope you enjoy and make use of this broadcasting update!

New permissions controls: Media and Files folder access

Similar to Device Groups permission settings, entity admin users can set which folders are accessible by other Manager users. In the Edit Permissions window under Folders, uncheck boxes for all folders you wish a user to not have access to.

Preview of Edit Permissions prompt with details panel showing which folders are accessible by a given user on the right.

Wi-Fi SSID support in Profiles

Now, you can pre-configure a device's Wi-Fi SSID with Profiles. Simply set the Wi-Fi network and password as you would through the remote control and assign the profile to select devices to get your devices online.



Devices must be connected to a wireless adapter for Wi-Fi setup to successfully execute. Initiating a profile with a Wi-Fi config will disconnect affected devices from the internet.

New jobs: Broadcast media content and set backlight level

With the Jobs feature, new broadcast types are now supported: Media, Playlists, and Web Pages!

A jobs broadcast creation follows the same steps as a typical broadcast on any device list. However, note Text Editor and Presentation File are not yet supported in Jobs.

In addition, configure the newly added backlight level of devices in a job!

myViewBoard Whiteboard updates for Windows, Android and iOS

Let's go over quick details for several updates across the Whiteboard versions.


  • Pop Quiz answer limit:
    • Hosts can now limit answers to one per student.
    • This feature must be toggled ON to set the limit.
  • Lines (in Shapes and Lines menu): The minimum length of a line is 10 pixels. (Any lines shorter than 10px will not be created.)
  • Windows Toggle > Windows mode > Screen Capture: When a user takes a full screenshot, the screenshot will paste onto the canvas's current page. (Previous behavior was to paste on a new page.)
  • Main toolbar: Users can dock the main toolbar to the top of the Whiteboard window (under the title bar).
  • Share session pop-up: Instructions on how to update the host’s myViewBoard Name are now available in the session info window.
  • New language support: Basque

Android and iOS

  • OLF import: When importing an OLF file through the Magic Box, users can now select specific pages to import instead of all pages.
  • Math tools > Compass: When manipulating the compass tool, a length measurement will display.
  • Improved writing acceleration: Experience smoother writing when starting a stroke.
  • Thin and thick pen detection (for Dual Pen users on ViewBoards): Experience improved thin and thick side detection.
  • Resizing objects: The minimum size of objects is now 10px by 10px.

myviewboard.com updates

Let's get into the various updates across myviewboard.com!

  • Entity Management
    • Users page: Admin can now remove users in bulk. Simply check the box for all desired users to remove and press the Remove button above the users list.
    • Subscriptions: As mentioned in the Manager section, admin users can now activate a Manager free trial from the Subscriptions page.
  • Whiteboard Portal
    • Polls: This student feature can now be opened in Safari browser.
    • Screen Sharing: This icon has been hidden for Safari browser users (screen sharing not currently supported on Safari).
  • FollowMe
    • Themes (bug fix): Magic Line Pen and Shape Pen are now visible and selectable when the default theme is selected.
  • Software Instances
    • Templates (bug fix): When saving a Check for Update configuration, the setting will apply.
    • Whiteboard name (bug fix): When editing the name, it will now successfully save.

Until next month!

Here's the continued success in the classroom, with myViewBoard there to enhance lesson delivery! We'll be back next month with more myViewBoard updates 😎

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