Whiteboard tools

All the other tools in myViewBoard Whiteboard

Whiteboard tools

All the other tools in myViewBoard Whiteboard

Shapes and Lines

The Shapes and Lines tool is one of myViewBoard Whiteboard's annotation tools with which you can create 2D and 3D shapes, as well as lines and tables.

Location of Shapes and Lines button in the main toolbar.

  • More shapes and lines can be accessed by pressing twice.
  • Quick switch between shapes and lines when the shapes tool is selected.

Shapes and Lines menu options

View the full breakdown of shape and line tools in each myViewBoard version below:

2D Shapes

Create 2D figures like triangles, squares, circles, and more on the canvas.

3D Shapes Create 3D figures like pyramids, cubes, spheres, and more on the canvas.

Create lines, arrows, right angles, and curves on the canvas.


Insert tables into the canvas. 

Once a table is made, objects can be dragged into each cell.



Regular polygons and circles can be divided into movable segments. Learn more.

Quick select different shapes

The quick select feature allows users to quickly switch between options available for the active shape type.

  1. Select Shapes and Lines .
  2. A set of three options should appear beside the Shapes and Lines icon.
  3. The quick select options change depending on the category selected:
    • 2D shapes: rectangle, triangle, circle.
    • 3D shapes: cuboid, sphere, pyramid.
    • Lines: solid, arrow, dashed.
  4. Select one of the options to switch to that shape/line.
  5. To access all available shapes, tap the Shapes and Lines icon on the main toolbar a second time.

Switching between the available quick select 2D shape options: rectangle, circle, and triangle. (Windows version depicted)


Quick selection options are available for all shape/lines except for tables.

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