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IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is a feature that allows admin to remotely control a Manager Advanced licensed device. This saves IT admin unnecessary trips to a physical device by troubleshooting devices from the Manager console in a new tab.

Remote Desktop whitelisting requirements

The following services must be whitelisted in order to enable use of the remote desktop feature (Manager Advanced users only):

  • TCP 443 for
  • TCP 443 for

Allow access to the following from the internet (WAN):

  • TCP 443 for
  • TCP 3478 for
  • UDP 3478 for

Peer-to-peer connection should be allowed (optional, but enables better performance):

  • 1024-65535 UDP

Enabling Remote Desktop

  1. Go to the  All Devices page.
  2. Locate your desired Advanced device.
    Option: Filter to an Advanced device-only view by pressing .
  3. On the Remote Control on the right, press the Remote Desktop button .
  4. A new tab will open where you can navigate your ViewBoard from your desktop with your mouse cursor.

Remote Desktop is enabled through the remote control of a Manager Advanced device.



This feature is only available for select devices. Check device support information in our device capability chart.



Please note, Remote Desktop will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. To continue using Remote Desktop, simply initiate it following the instructions above.

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