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IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


As an entity admin, manage the actions other admin users can take within myViewBoard Manager. Go to the Permissions page and limit not only the commands a user can send but also which device groups a user can send commands to.

Admin users who are just starting to set up their organization are encouraged to evaluate all admin users within the organization before granting them access to Manager. This way, you can limit admin users in an organization to the devices you want them assigned to, as well as privileged actions, such as Remote Desktop or Profiles assignments, which may be misused if not properly understood.

Overview of configurable permissions

List of configurable user permissions

Permission Details
Device groups access Set which groups a user has access to.
Folders access Set which folders a user has access to.
Device enrollment and disenrollment
  • Enroll a new device.
  • Disenroll (remove) a device.
  • Edit asset tag.
  • Edit note.
  • Export device list.
Device group management
  • Add a new group.
  • Delete a group.
  • Rename a group.
  • Add device(s) to a group.
  • Remove device(s) from a group.
  • Move device(s) to another group.
Apps management
  • Upload an APK to the repository.
  • Delete an APK from the repository.
  • Edit app details.
  • Install an app to device(s).
  • Uninstall an app from device(s).
Media management
  • Upload, delete, or rename a multimedia file (image or video) to the repository.
  • Create, delete, or edit a playlist.
  • Broadcast a message, multimedia, or playlist to device(s).
  • Stop a broadcast.
File management
  • Upload a file to the repository.
  • Delete a file from the repository.
  • Rename a file.
  • Send a file to device(s).
Usage report management
  • Create an overall usage report.
  • Export a report to Excel file.
Basic remote control commands
  • Adjust volume.
  • Adjust screen brightness level.
  • Power off.
  • Restart.
  • Switch input source.
  • Edit input source alias.
  • Remove input source alias.
  • Lock/unlock a screen.
  • Turn a screen on/off.
  • Add/manage Wi-Fi SSID.
  • Allow/forbid unknown app installation.
Advanced remote control commands
  • Configure firmware scheduling update.
  • Reset to factory settings.
ViewBoard Box control
  • Send any supported RS232 commands.
Jobs management
  • View existing jobs.
  • Create a job.
  • Delete a job.
  • Edit a job.
  • Add device(s) into a scheduled job.
  • Remove device(s) from a scheduled job.
Admin privileges
  • View admin permissions.
  • Edit admin permissions.
Remote desktop
  • Control device remotely.
Profiles management
  • Create, delete, or edit a profile.
  • Assign a profile to devices.
Back Up and Restore
  • Create or delete a restore point.
  • Schedule a restore point.
  • Lock/unlock a restore point.
  • Restore system to a previous restore point.

How to edit user permissions

  1. Go to the  Permissions page.
  2. Press the edit button  on the row of a desired user.
  3. The Edit permissions menu will open.
  4. Select the checkbox of the permissions you want to grant or deny for that given user.
    • (Optional) View which specific commands are being granted/denied within a category by pressing .
  5. Press OK to update this user's permissions.
  6. After permissions have been updated, press the row of the user (or any other user) to review their current permissions.

User sets permissions for a given Manager user.

Device groups and folders permissions

Permissions can be set for specific device groups and folders so that users will not be able to see or access these groups/folders. The steps for setting permissions for device groups and folders are much the same as setting other permissions.

Edit Permissions pop-up with Device Groups highlighted. User has unchecked 2 groups, which, after saving, will remove access to these groups from the specified user.Edit Permissions pop-up with Folders highlighted. User has unchecked 2 folders, which, after saving, will remove access to these folders from the specified user.

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