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IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard



Note: This feature is only available for devices assigned an Advanced license.

For Advanced devices, users have the option to broadcast media to devices. Before doing so, users must first select a preferred layout.

In total, 12 landscape layout options and 3 portrait layout options are available. The default and first layout type supports one media broadcast type, while the rest support 2, 3, or 4 media items in one broadcast.

Setting up a broadcast layout

To access layout options, follow these steps:

  1. Check the boxes of devices to broadcast to.
  2. Press  in the main toolbar.
  3. In the Choose broadcast type section, select Media content.

Aside from broadcast options available in standard messages (such as Duration and Forbid from stopping broadcast), users have the following layout options:

  • In any layout section, insert multimedia (image, video, or audio), playlists, web pages, or text.
  • Select between 12 landscape or 3 portrait layout options, each with different header, footer, and side section organization options.
  • The first and default layout option supports inserting 1 media content. Use this layout if you want your chosen media to take up the entire screen.
  • Section aspect ratios are fixed. Make sure image and video resolutions are optimized to fit the sections you intend to insert them in.

Overview of broadcast layout featuring 3 sections. Highlighted (clockwise): 1) Button to add media content; 2) layout options; 3) media content options menu.

Start a broadcast from a layout

To broadcast multiple pieces of media in one broadcast, follow these steps:

  1. In Media content, select your desired layout.
  2. Within a layout section, press .
  3. Within the media dropdown menu, select your desired media type.
  4. Select the duration of the broadcast.
  5. Repeat for all remaining sections in your chosen layout.
  6. (Optional) Check the Forbid device user from stopping broadcast option.
  7. Press OK to initiate the broadcast.

Example of a 3-section broadcast layout filled with video, image, and text content. 

How to broadcast in portrait orientation

For supported devices, we also now support portrait orientation broadcasting. After preparing a layout broadcast (see above), press  to switch to the portrait layout options.

Orientation layout switch button highlighted.

Before starting the broadcast, make sure set to your display to portrait orientation.



Portrait orientation is currently supported on the following device: CDE30

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