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IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard

How to get Advanced licenses

This article provides a summary of how to activate a free Manager Advanced trial, as well as how purchase Advanced licenses after the trial has already been used.

Activate a free trial of Manager Advanced

For users who already have access to basic Manager features, access a Manager Advanced sign-up form within the Manager console.

To sign up, navigate to the  Manager Advanced page through the left-side navigation menu. Then, press the Get Free Trial button to open the form.

This will take you to the Entity Management console, where you can continue the free trial activation process.

Activation screen on the Subscriptions page in the Entity Management console. User is redirected here after pressing Get Free Trial in the Manager console.

Purchasing Advanced licenses

For users who have already completed a free trial, you may use the same form on the Manager console to send a purchase request. On the Manager Advanced page, press Purchase Licenses and a pre-filled form (with your entity's information) will appear.

Manager basic user initiates the Advanced licenses purchase process through Manager console. Certain fields are pre-filled based on entity information.

For users with an established Entity account, you may also contact a ViewSonic representative via our contact form. Under I'd like to..., select Request Manager Advanced free trial. Alternatively, you can reach out to your established ViewSonic representative or Certified MSP.

If your organization has not yet signed up for an Entity account, find out more about the Entity sign-up process.

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