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IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard

Advanced broadcasting

Broadcast messages along with images, videos, media playlists, and web pages to Advanced devices from within the Manager console, with options to send urgent messages and to control the duration of the broadcast.



To review the basic instructions on how to start and stop a broadcast, as well as how to send standard messages and urgent messages, view the Broadcast message to devices page.

Available broadcasting features

For Manager Advanced devices, the following broadcast options are available:

  • Send text messages to devices.
  • Send urgent messages to devices.
  • Send images to devices.
    • Image takes up the entirety of a device screen.
  • Send video to devices.
    • Video takes up the entirety of a device screen and plays automatically.
  • Send playlists to devices.
  • Send web pages to devices.
    • Web pages take up the entirety of a device screen.
    • Users cannot interact with the web page (e.g., scroll through the page), but web page will load and behave as if on a typical browser.
    • Have the option to set the page to automatically refresh at a predefined time interval.
  • Send a presentation file to devices.
    • Select from either previously uploaded PPTX files to Files or upload a file from your local drive.
    • Both options automatically convert PPTX slides (20 max) into a playlist and then start the broadcast after conversion completion.
  • Send multiple media content at once with layouts.
  • Set the duration of the broadcast.
  • Set whether the device user can terminate the broadcast.
  • Stop broadcasting.


When sending Advanced-only broadcasts, make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure you are only selecting devices with Manager Advanced licenses. If a non-Advanced device is selected, it will not receive the broadcast.
  • To make this step easier, view only Advanced devices by toggling the Advanced devices list button .

Get started

To start broadcasting multimedia content, get started by learning about broadcasting layouts.

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