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IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard

CAP Messaging

For organization's that have already set up a broadcasting system, myViewBoard Manager supports Outbound CAP Messaging. A simple configuration must be set up, and as a result, messages triggered from a CAP-supported platform will send to the selected Manager devices you configured to receive the message.

List of all supported alert broadcasting platforms

Currently, Manager can support the following systems that use CAP messaging:

  • InformaCast
  • CrisisGo
  • Alertus

Setting up CAP Messaging in Manager

First, a CAP URL must be created in Manager:

  1. Open Settings .
  2. Select CAP Messaging .
  3. Select Create CAP URL.
  4. Input a CAP Name.
  5. Open the Device Groups dropdown field .
    • In here, select all device groups you wish to receive Outbound CAP Messaging.
    • Once ready, close the dropdown.
  6. Press Create.
    • This automatically generates a unique CAP URL and Password in corresponding fields.
    • Your myViewBoard Username will also fill into its corresponding field.
  7. Locate the CAP configuration you just created and press its row.
    • The newly created CAP configuration appears in the CAP Name list below the configuration fields.
    • After pressing, CAP credentials will fill into the CAP URL, Username, and Password fields.
  8. Press  in each corresponding row to copy this configuration's CAP URL, Username, and Password.

Steps to create CAP configuration parameters.

Remember to select your newly created CAP configuration in order to be able to copy its URL, Username, and Password.

After selecting it, you can copy configuration parameters by pressing the copy icons. 



If you ever need to add a device to an existing CAP Messaging configuration, simply add the device to the device group included in the CAP Messaging configuration you already created.

Configuring Outbound CAP Endpoints in your dedicated broadcasting system

With your just copied CAP URL, Username, and Password, go to your broadcasting system's console and complete the connection between Manager and your broadcasting system. Generally, this means setting up a new configuration.

Once connection has been established, broadcasts triggered from your existing system will send to assigned devices configured through Manager's CAP Messaging feature.

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