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myViewBoard Whiteboard

A digital whiteboard for Windows, Android, iOS and online.

myViewBoard Whiteboard

A digital whiteboard for Windows, Android, iOS and online.

Signing in to myViewBoard Whiteboard

Sign-in panel.Sign in to myViewBoard Whiteboard to access all available features to your subscription tier.

Signing in is easy—just use the same Google, Microsoft, Apple, or email account you used to register your account.

The sign-in panel appears at the bottom-right of the Whiteboard screen. If this panel is hidden, click  to show the sign-in panel.



If you have yet to create an account or are not sure what your sign-in credentials are, learn how to create an account.

Signing in by email

  1. Input your email and password.
  2. Press the checkmark button.


If you have forgotten your myViewBoard password, or if you never activated your account, find out more here.

Signing in with a Google, Microsoft, or Apple account

  1. Click any of the following:
    • Sign in with  Google.
    • Sign in with  Microsoft.
    • Sign in with  Apple.
  2. Follow the prompted instructions with your chosen account to sign in.

Signing in by Companion app QR code

  1. Launch myViewBoard Companion app  on your mobile device (with internet access).
  2. Sign in using your myViewBoard account.
  3. Tap the QR code icon to open the phone's camera.
  4. Position the phone so that the QR code displayed within the myViewBoard Sign-in panel is inside Companion app QR code scanner.

Stay signed in (Windows-only)

Users who wish to stay signed in to Whiteboard, even after closing the app, can do so with the stay signed in feature (Windows-only).

When you launch Whiteboard for Windows, you will see a prompt to stay signed in. Select Yes and you will remain signed until you sign yourself out. Even if you close the app or restart your device, each time you launch Whiteboard, you will automatically be signed in.

Stay signed in prompt after first signing in with the stay signed in feature.



If you are an entity user and don't see the stay signed in prompt after signing in but you would like to use this feature, contact your organization's IT for assistance. (Standard, Pro, and Premium users automatically have access to this feature on signing in.)

 IT admin should configure this setting in Software Instances.

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