A digital whiteboard for Windows, Android, iOS and online.

A digital whiteboard for Windows, Android, iOS and online.

Present Mode

Present Mode is a myViewBoard feature that allows the host to switch between Prepare mode and Present mode to display the content in full screen with the title bar hidden (and the Windows taskbar in the Windows version), allowing for maximum use of your display's screen area.

When switching to Present Mode, the following changes to your screen will result:

  • The canvas covers the entire screen.
  • The title bar becomes hidden.
  • Only the Next, Previous, and Add Page icons are shown on the Floating Toolbar.
  • To exit Present Mode, press Prepare Mode .


On launching the app, myViewBoard is in Prepare mode, which is suitable for lesson planning and content creation. However, to maximize space on your screen, use Present mode.

Switching Present Mode on and off

  1. Press Present Mode .
  2. Press  to return to Prepare Mode.

Press the Present Mode icon to switch to a full screen presentation view.

To go back to Prepare Mode, press the Prepare Mode icon.

To learn more about Adorning Menu tool details, view our Adorning Menu overview.

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