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Your powerful toolbox to make lessons more engaging

Math Formula Assistant

The math formula assistant can be found in Magic Box's tools menu and is available in the Windows version of myViewBoard Whiteboard. Use a pen tool to write math formulas and symbols and then insert the formula to the canvas.

This tool can be used on the canvas in Present and Prepare modes.



This tool is only available in the Windows version of myViewBoard Whiteboard.



This tool can be used while navigating in desktop mode in the Windows version of Whiteboard.

Add a math formula assistant to the canvas

  1. In the main toolbar, press I-main-tool-bar-magic-box.svg.
  2. In the Magic Box window, select I-magic-box-tools.svg.
  3. Double press MB Tools Icon Math Input Panel.PNG (or drag the icon onto the canvas).
  4. The math formula assistant will appear on the canvas.

Actions available 

User freehand writes a formula into the assistant and then inserts it into the canvas as plain text.

Use the pen to draw inside the math formula assistant.
Press and drag to delete annotations.
MB Math Input Panel Select.png
Draw around the symbol you want to correct, and then select from options available in the drop-down menu. Tip: Use this function if the assistant is not initially detecting your intended symbol.
Clear all annotations within panel.
Undo your last input.
Reverse last undone action.
Close the math formula assistant window.
MB Math Input Panel Insert.png
Insert the formula into the canvas.

Lesson idea



Write mathematical formulas (including symbols and equations) in clear formatting onto the canvas. Math symbols are automatically recognized and can be inserted into the canvas.

User freehand writes into the math formula assistant and then uses the Select and Correct function to edit a symbol. Finally, the user inserts the formula onto the canvas.

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