Magic Box

Your powerful toolbox to make lessons more engaging

Magic Box

Your powerful toolbox to make lessons more engaging


The blinder tool can be found in Magic Box's tools menu and is available in the Windows version of myViewBoard Whiteboard only. The blinder covers the whole screen with an image (default is a silver window shade). Press and drag the window shade to move it around and reveal specific sections.

This tool can be used on the canvas in Present and Prepare modes.



This tool is only available in the Windows version of myViewBoard Whiteboard.



This tool can be used while navigating in desktop mode in the Windows version of Whiteboard.

Add the blinder to the canvas

  1. In the main toolbar, press I-main-tool-bar-magic-box.svg.
  2. In the Magic Box window, press I-magic-box-tools.svg.
  3. Double press MB Tools Icon Window Shade.PNG (or press and drag the icon onto the canvas).

Actions available

Press MB Window Shade Fullscreen.png to cover the entire canvas page with the blinder image.

User opens the blinder and drags it all the way up and down. Then the user presses the cover the page button.

Press MB Window Shade Area.png to specify an area on the canvas page to cover.

MB Window Shade Area.pngUser selects the specify an area button to covers an area on the canvas page to cover with the blinder (rather than cover the entire screen).

Press MB Window Shade Original Place.png to relocate the blinder image set in a specified area to its original place.

User covers a specified area of the page with the blinder image and then moves it around. Then, the user presses the button to restore the blinder image back to its original specified area.

Press MB Window Shade Upload Picture.png to upload an image from your device. After doing so, you can always press MB Windows Shade Reset Cover Picture.png to reset the blinder image to its default (silver window shade).

User uploads a custom blinder image. After moving the blinder around the page, the user restores the default blinder image.

Press MB Windows Shade Close.png to close the blinder tool.

Lesson idea



Hide or cover up specific parts of the lesson content or the whole screen to create an interactive way to quiz vocabulary or visual cues.

User opens a blinder image and then specifies the area where the blinder will hide key vocabulary on a lesson page.

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