Magic Box

Your powerful toolbox to make lessons more engaging

Magic Box

Your powerful toolbox to make lessons more engaging


Flashcards can be found in Magic Box's tools menu available in Windows version of myViewBoard Whiteboard. Present questions and answers on two sides of a card and test student memory.

This tool can be used on the canvas in Present and Prepare modes.



This tool is only available in the Windows version of myViewBoard Whiteboard.



This tool can be used while navigating in desktop mode in the Windows version of Whiteboard.

Add a flashcard to the canvas

  1. In the main toolbar, press I-main-tool-bar-magic-box.svg.
  2. In the Magic Box window, select I-magic-box-tools.svg.
  3. Double press MB Tools Icon Flash Cards.PNG (or press and drag the icon onto the canvas).
  4. A flashcard will appear on the canvas.

Actions Available

User flips flashcard and highlights fields where text can be input on both sides.

Feature Description
Title Input a title of the question or answer side of the flashcard.
Content Input the content of the question or answer.
Insert image Input an image to accompany the question or answer. Use any of the following methods:
Flip card Flip between the question and answer sides of the flashcard.
WB timer drag to resize.png
Resize window
Change the size of the flashcard window.
Close Close the flashcard. Warning: All content will be lost after closing.


The question and answer fields each allow a max. of 4096 characters. You will be prompted with a message when you reach this limit.

Lesson idea



Prepare flashcards before a lesson and then interact with students to test their knowledge or play fun activities in class.

User creates a flashcard with a question relating to identifying a United States of America city.

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