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IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard


IT management of ViewSonic devices with a simple dashboard

Adding devices

Once devices are set up and have the myViewBoard Manager app installed, they can be added to an entity and managed remotely from the Manager web app (available to entity admins after signing into

Three easy ways to enroll and manage your devices from within the Manager web console.



When adding a ViewBoard to your entity's Manager, one benefit of the process is that myViewBoard Whiteboard will automatically enroll to your entity's Software Instance's list.

Initiating the process

On the device to manage, open the app and note the 6-digit PIN displayed.

Adding a single device with a 6-digit PIN

On the myViewBoard Manager web console,

  1. Press the Add Device button .
  2. Input your device's 6-digit PIN.
  3. Name the device (optional).
  4. Add the device to a new or existing group (optional).
  5. Press OK.

On the Add Device pop-up, provide the 6-digit PIN obtained from the device.

Paired successfully message.




If the device you're attempting to add is not appearing in your device list, please contact your ViewSonic sales representative immediately.

Using a serial number

  1. On the device to manage:
    1. Locate the device's serial number (SN), whether in the system settings or on the device itself.
  2. On the Manager web console:
    1. Within the console, press the Add Device button .
    2. Toggle the popup to Serial Number (SN) view.
    3. Input the device's serial number.
    4. Name the device (optional).
    5. Add the device to a new or existing group (optional).
    6. Press OK.

Input a device serial number as an alternative method.

Using batch enrollment

  1. On the device to manage,
    1. Option 1: Collect all 6-digit PINs from the devices to be added.
    2. Option 2: Collect all serial numbers (SNs) from the devices to be added.
  2. On the Manager web console,
    1. Within the Manager web console, press the Add Device button .
    2. Press to download the enrollment spreadsheet template (.xlsx file type).
    3. Input all device PINs or SNs to the template and save the file.
    4. (Optional) Input asset tag, notes, and group details as needed.
    5. Back on the Add Device prompt on Manager web console, press Import device list.
    6. Upload your updated batch enrollment file.
    7. Press OK.


When using the Excel enrollment spreadsheet template to add new devices, users can also assign the device to different groups. To do so, simply include a comma (,) between the group names within the column Group name column. The device will then be added to an existing group, or, if the group doesn't exist yet, Manager will automatically create a group and add the device to the group.

Adding devices template spreadsheet with multiple groups added and separated by a comma (,).

Interface of device enrollment with Excel spreadsheet device information pre-filled in. The device info corresponds to the above hilghlighted template.

Using myViewBoard Companion App

  1. On the device to manage,
    1. Launch myViewBoard Manager Android app to view a unique QR code.
  2. On Companion App,
    1. Launch the Companion App, and ensure you are signed in with an Entity Admin account.
    2. Tap the QR-reader function CompanionQRCode.svg and scan your device's QR code.
    3. Input device information and ensure you are selecting the correct entity.
    4. Press Submit to add the device to Manager.


When adding a device via the Companion App, if you are an admin of multiple entities, make sure to add the device to the correct entity.

If you accidentally add the device to an incorrect entity, you may still add the device to your desired entity. However, you are advised to go into the Manager console and remove the device from the incorrect entity (see the next section).


Removing devices from Manager

  1. Ensure you've selected the correct entity by pressing  Entity and selecting your desired entity.
  2. Go to the  All Devices page.
  3. Locate the device you wish to remove from this entity in the list.
  4. Check the box for this device.
  5. Press .
  6. Press Yes, I'm sure.

The screen checkmark under Status indicates your chosen entity.

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